October 13th, 2009 by SaurabhBidani in News Comments Off

victory We have just launched a new Certification Program for Merchants, in the mig33 community.

What’s new?
This Certification Program helps us provide special recognition to our high performing merchants, who provide a great service to the mig33 community.

As we increase the profile and importance of being a Merchant, we encourage more mig33 community members to become merchants. And with more merchants, there will be more ways for mig33 members to buy mig33 credits – so everyone wins.

• Certified merchants must meet sales criteria each month
• Certified merchants are officially promoted by the mig33 merchant team
• Certified merchants must display a reasonable code of conduct.
• Certified merchants are now recognized with a special colour (purple) in mig33.

If you have sub-merchants, they may also attain status in our certification program if they meet similar sales criteria.

For full details of the Merchant Certification Program, click here

Special thanks!
Special thanks to members in our merchant community, who have helped us develop this program over the last few months.

For answers to more of your questions, please email our team merchant@mig33.com