Before mig33 was born mIRC was the best well known softweare used for many people to chat at one chat room.Mig33 was a big hit. It was a software which enabled people to chat from AOL,Yahoo,Hotmail,Gmail etc..almost all the common IM programmes people use, and also it enabled people to talk in chatrooms. as mig was introduced people started shifting to mig.Now We rarely see people on mIRC, Most of the people agree that its the main reason which people started to quit IRC and join mig.Well in mirc people were’nt able to chat from thrie email ids,and they aren’t able to make contact lists which will enable them to get more friends.but mig33 has all these features. We could say that “mig is the solutionized version of mIRC”. cant we?
Eventhough there are still some people who use mIRC at their office, still the future of mig is brighter tham mIRC’s.becase now people are beein able to chat through mig33 using thair pc’s by softwares such as sJboy, Mig pro and all such java emulators plus now we can use mig33 to chat from the pc from their main website.
In my view, not only mig33 made the continues decrease in the number of people who used mIRC,As foruming became popular, lots of people got their intrests stopped in it…lots of people made freeforums and learned it while some joined the existing forums and helped them carve thair way through success. Here is an example and