Most of mig33’s 10 million users are from outside North America. With their roots in south-east Asia, and their focus on mobile devices, mig33’s subscriber base has come from youth in countries where the primary way to access the internet has been via mobile phone.
Today they rolled out their first products that are specifically designed to target American users. Their new Blackberry client makes it easy to share photos, connect with friends, make inexpensive international phone calls, and bring all of your IM accounts together in one place.

To get the mig33 Blackberry application, visit
It’s no secret that mobile social networking usage is exploding. Since May of last year, for example, mobile usage of Facebook has expanded dramatically. In November, polls I conducted showed Facebook mobile usage at 27% of the install base, up from under 10% in May a year earlier. Can mig33 grab a US foothold in this fast growing market? Perhaps, but they’ll need a solid constituency behind them. As Facebook cultivated youth via college campuses, mig33 will have to find a core constituency that cares passionately about the services they deliver. With their emphasis on inexpensive international calling, it doesn’t seem as if they’ve hit the mark yet for US consumers.