Holding a contest on your blog can help to build traffic and loyal readership. A well rewarding contest can bring in plenty of backlinks and new visitors.
If you want to start or participate in a blog contest, here are the Top 3+3 Sites that keep their readers informed about all the latest Blog Contests.
1. Contest Blogger- A blog started by Phil Van Treuren with an aim to inform its readers about the latest blog contests as soon as they appear on the web. Contest Blogger deals exclusively with blogs and bloggers. You will not find posts about any contests, sweepstakes or prizes on Contest Blogger if they don’t have to with professional blogging and link building.
2. Blog-Contests- Walt started a $400 contest on his blog, just to learn that there was no way of letting people know about his contest.
Walt got frustrated and decided to start a website especially for blog contests, thats how blog-contests website was born.
Started as a website that gives bloggers a place to announce their contests, Blog-Contests.com now also run some own contests. Like the $50subscribers only monthly contest and $50 draw for bloggers who submit their contests to the website.
3. The Prize Blog: Attractively designed website with focus on Blog Contests. The Prize Blog offers a free updated list of contests, games, prizes available online and also FAQs and Tips and Tricks for those interested in entering online contests.
4. Reviewow Contests: Reviewwow is a blog created mainly to post reviews of gadgets and software but the author recently started cool new contests category where you will find info about all the latest blogging contests.
5. The Link Bait: A website about Link baiting techniques, with special coverage of blog contests.
6. BlogContestSite: Another cool site about Blog Contests. Info on latest contests and their deadlines can be found in the website sidebar.
These sites not only help you to find interesting Blog contests to participate in but also let you announce your contests to the widest possible audience.
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