BackUpWordPress is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to automatically backup your database tables and files. It saves the backups locally on your server in your specified directory, additionally it can send database backups daily and file backups weekly via email.
You can Switch between EasyMode and AdvancedMode. In easy mode you simply have to set the backup directory, basic schedules for backups and your email settings. In advanced mode you can access rich set of configuration options.
If you don’t want automatic backups, You can trigger backup manually. After the files are backed up you can hit the mail button to get the files via email.
According to your available disk space, you can select the number of previous backups you want to keep. You can also restore, view and delete stored backups.
Overall, BackUpWordpress plugin is a real time saver and highly recommended for painless and easy backups.
You can download the plugin from here.