Those that travel a lot or spend many hours logging business in the sky will appreciate this new product that Sony has developed. How many times have you tried to catch a few zzzz’s on the plane only to be distracted and annoyed by your fellow passengers, crying babies, or the not so pleasant bump and push noises of the food and beverage carts. The Sony MDR- NC500 D headphones are here to help you get through those long flights, ensuring you arrive at your destination fresh and ready to go. They are the very first set of digital noise cancelling headphones on the market and will drown out any ambient noise that you may otherwise have to suffer through. Until now, products that cancelled in flight noise were of the analog variety, but these headphones use digital processing alongside artificial intelligence features that will block out any unwanted noise from many different environments. Noises of low frequency, such as environment noise or the buzz of people talking, and yes, even those annoying drink carts, will be eliminated with precise accuracy. The headphones can automatically switch between three different modes of noise cancelling, so you don’t even have to use them exclusively on the airplane. These will also cancel out noise in your office, and even on the bus. They come equipped with 40 mm drivers, and built in Digital Noise Canceling Software Engine that ensure quality sound reproduction as well. You can use these to tune out noise, or they come with an adaptor to use in-flight to enjoy movies and music as well. With 2 AA batteries, they will even last up to 16 hours. Though they are not ready for sale yet, expect to see these VERY soon.